If you have a habit for consistently shopping online, then you know the struggle of tracking all your packages.  I’m sure sometimes you may even order so many things that you forget what you ordered.  With the app, Slice (both on iOS and Android), you can easily track and organize all your shipments from any site.

The key part of this app is linking your email account that you use for all your orders to Slice.  By doing this you will be giving permission for Slice to access your emails.  I know that giving them access to your email sounds a little not safe, but they only look at the emails from retailers that indicate an online order.  Since all online orders send confirmation emails to your email, Slice can easily grab all your online orders and track it in one centralized app.  It doesn’t matter if you order from Amazon, Nordstrom, or some small retailer website, it can track it all.  Even better, it can track all the major shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, and USPS.  You can know exactly when your package is shipped to the moment it arrives at your front door.

Added Bonus: It even will alert you of price drops so you can potentially price match (although this is dependent on the retailer).